The Splendid Makeup Masterclass by Samer Khouzami

The Splendid Makeup Masterclass

BY Samer Khouzami

The Splendid Makeup Masterclass

Artist: Samer Khouzami 07th September 2019 INDIA INDIA -Sheraton Saket New delhi +91-981 801 0303 Categories: Makeup Class, Celebrity Makeup

Samer Khouzami

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Artist: Samer Khouzami 07th September 2019 Sheraton Saket New delhi

Samer Khouzami

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The Splendid Makeup Masterclass

Limited Seats


850 USD

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650 USD

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500 USD

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NOTE: Certificate with photo included in the package along with free flow of coffee/tea and snacks.
(Goodie bag will not be given to the Silver Class Seats.)


What are the differences between The PLATINUM Seat, The GOLD seat & The SILVER seats?
- PLATINUM SEAT: you will be seated in the VIP section close to the stage (1st, 2nd, 3rd row) + Goodie bag
- GOLD SEAT: you will be seated after the VIP section. (4th, 5th, 6th row)+ Goodie Bag
- SILVER SEAT: you will be seated in the back ( last three rows). No Goodie bag

Where I will be seated?
- Seating order depends on the payment date.The early you pay the better seats you get.

Participants will get a goodie bag?
- Only Platinum and Gold seats will be getting a goodie bag.

Do I have to be a makeup artist to attend this class?
- No, everyone is welcome to take the class.

How many looks will shown in the class?
- It’s a look and learn masterclass, 2 looks will be demonstrated in the class, with 2 hours of hands-on practice.

Is it a certified class?
- Yes, it is a certified make up masterclass, the certificate will be signed by ILAHA HAJIYEVA herself.

The class will be in which language?
- English/Arabic

Can I take pictures/videos during the workshop?
- Yes. Participants will also be able to take photos/videos with ILAHA HAJIYEVA and the models after the demonstration.

How can I register?
- You can register online by filling up the form and make the payment online using your credit card (Master Card / Visa):
- For GOLD seat ---> REGISTER NOW
After making the payment a confirmation email will be sent to you attaching your receipt within 24 hours.

What is the refund policy?
- There is no refund policy. The cancellation of your seat will result loss of your complete money. Still read about Refund Policy Here

Organizer details?
- Shirin Singh +91 981 801 0303